Live for Christmas 2022!!

We are officially LIVE for Christmas 2022! And as of December 3rd – we’ve added a new song! “Mad Russian’s Christmas” by Transiberian Orchestra!

Here’s the current song list:

  1. Intro / Nutcracker by Transiberian Orchestra
  2. THX Intro (Simpsons)
  3. NEW! Mad Russians Christmas by Transiberian Orchestra
  4. Carol of The Bells by August Burns Red
  5. Wizards of Winter by Transiberian Orchestra
  6. What’s This? By Nightmare Before Christmas (Performed by Fall Out Boy)
  7. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer by August Burns Red
  8. End / It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

We hope everyone is enjoying the show so far!!

Halloween 2022 Videos Posted!

We’ve posted almost all of the songs from our 2022 Halloween show! Now you can enjoy the show from the comfort of your home! You can see the videos here!

Here’s my favorite song this year – Worlds Apart – Journey / Stranger Things:

We still need to film Ghostbusters and Starwars – but we should be doing that before the end of the month!

Thank you everyone for the support so far! We’ll be live until October 31st! 6PM to 10PM nightly.