We are celebrating our 14th Year at the Germann Family Halloween Light Show this year! The biggest addition this year is our Animatronic 12ft Skeleton, which will be singing the show this year! We are also continuing to support the Northern Illinois Food Bank, please bring any non-perishable food items to be dropped off in our food donation box.

A few rules:

-Please please please DO NOT BLOCK ANY DRIVEWAYS!

-Keep music at a reasonable level.

-Headlights OFF – Parking Lights ON – for the best experience/safety.

-The show runs on repeat from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. If we are busy, just come back later!

If you are going to take photos in front of our 12ft Skeleton, please DO NOT WALK THROUGH THE YARD. There are several trip hazards. Just walk along our driveway. Also, do not go past the fenced area around Skelly. We encourage you to take photos, just be safe!


-Introduction (Haunted Mansion Theme)

-Twilight Zone Theme Song (NEW / REDONE FOR 2022!!)

-Monster Mash

-Adaam’s Family Theme Song

-This is Halloween

-Ghost Busters

-Worlds Apart – Journey / Stranger Things (NEW FOR 2022!!)

-Halloween Theme Song (NEW / REDONE FOR 2022!) – including a snippet from Spooky Scary Skeletons! (NEW)


Address is 4968 Prairie Oak Road in Gurnee – across from Six Flags. Tune to 87.9 FM. Enjoy!