We are now LIVE for 2023!

We’ve got all of our songs from last year up and running!


Haunted Mansion Theme (Introduction)


This is Halloween

Worlds Apart – Journey (Stranger Things)

Starwars Remix

Addam’s Family

Twilight Zone Theme Song

Halloween Theme Song / Spooky Scary Skeletons (Outro).

We’re located at 4968 Prairie Oak Road in Gurnee.

Please keep your volume at a reasonable level.

Please please please do not block ANY driveways.

Tune to 87.9 FM and enjoy! We are once again collecting food donations for the Northern Illinois Food Bank. You may drop off any non-perishable items in our box located on the East side of our yard.

Enjoy! Please let us know how you like the show. We aren’t fully done yet, we’ve got a few more props coming out in the coming week or two!! So stay tuned!