For those wondering how it’s done here’s some technical details about the light show.


For the majority of the life of the light show, I used Light-O-Rama ( software.

In 2017, I switched over to Xlights software, as it provides much more flexibility with Pixels and the cost is free (Minus a yearly donation to the developers for the great work!)

Xlights can be downloaded at


Most of my lights are WS2811 Pixels – running at either 5V or 12V depending on which light they are. At last count I have about 6,500 RGB Pixels in the light show. These Pixels are obtained by local dealers, as well as directly from Chinese manufacturers.

I still have a few Incandescent lights – which I use a Light-O-Rama dimmer-pack controller to control.


To run scheduling on the Light Show and Run the Light Show itself, I use a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with FPP (Falcon Pi Player) Installed.

I use 2x Falcon F16 controllers and 1x Raspberry Pi with FPP for Christmas. For Halloween, I only need to use 1 Falcon F16 Controller.

To control my pixels, I use a variety of devices, anywhere from SPI to DMX adapters. My main controller these days are the Falcon F16 controllers available at

A variety of my lights are running direct DMX control via the Falcon’s 3/4 DMX outputs.