For those wondering how it’s done here’s some technical details about the light show.

What’s Your Electric Bill?!

We never run our lights at more than 30% brightness – which means significant savings on energy – and the fact that unlike a traditional Light Display, our lights are not on all the time – we see our electricity go up by a few dollars for the months and that’s it!

2023 Nerd Stats

Number of Pixels: 6,200 – all 5V minus our Gutter/Peak lights.

Amount of Controllers: 2x Falcon F16v3 w/ 3x Smart Receivers, 2x Dumb Receivers

Mega Tree stats:

-Roughly 12-13ft Tall

-16 Pixel Strips – 50 each – for a total of 600 pixels

-Made using the ASAP Pole by Walter Monkhouse:


For the majority of the life of the light show, I used Light-O-Rama ( software.

In 2017, I switched over to Xlights software, as it provides much more flexibility with Pixels and the cost is free (Minus a yearly donation to the developers for the great work!)

Xlights can be downloaded at


ALL of the Programming at Germann Lights is done by ourselves. You won’t find any of our sequences on any other houses! Songs can take anywhere from 30-80 hours to complete.


Most of my lights are WS2811 Pixels – running at either 5V or 12V depending on which light they are. At last count I have about 6,000 RGB Pixels in the light show. These Pixels are obtained by local dealers, as well as directly from Chinese manufacturers.

As of 2022 – we are 100% LED!!!


To run scheduling on the Light Show and Run the Light Show itself, I use a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with FPP (Falcon Pi Player) Installed.

I use 2x Falcon F16 controllers and 1x Raspberry Pi with FPP for Christmas. For Halloween, I only need to use 1 Falcon F16 Controller.

Falcon F16V3

To control my pixels, I use a variety of devices, anywhere from SPI to DMX adapters. My main controller these days are the Falcon F16 controllers available at

A variety of my lights are running direct DMX control via the Falcon’s 3/4 DMX outputs.