Food donations were added in 2009 to benefit the Northern Illinois Food Bank!

The Germann Family Light Show was started in 2008 with only 16 channels for lights. We had only one song that Halloween – the Twilight Zone Theme Song. We had only two outdoor speakers and no radio station.

Soon, in 2009, we added a radio station and some more lights, and started doing a Christmas Show. We also added a benefit for the Northern Illinois Food Bank. We have collected THOUSANDS of food items to help out our community.

Now, we’ve expanded to many thousands of lights, controlled across a unique network that can be controlled from anywhere.

In 2010, we finalized our Graveyard theme, which has seen small updates since.
This Year’s Halloween Display – 2023 – Not too much has changed – in 2017 we acquired a few Oil Barrels to add some more decorations – they also provide a great RGB Flood Mount! We also refresh our Gravestones almost every year. In 2022 we finally converted 90% of all our lighting to RGB/LED! Even added some more LEDs in our barrels – and added in 5mm strobes!

Biggest add to 2022 was our 12ft Singing/talking Skelly! You can find more information on our Skelly page! 2023 saw the addition of our singing 8ft Pumpkin Stack!

The more advanced display of the two – Christmas! This year – 2023 – many many new RGB pixels make up our display now! We are all LED now!!